Friday, 17 August 2007

Girls don't like boys, girls like cars and planes...

Adapting the lyrics of the Good Charlotte song ever so slightly, this weekend I am off to an air show, that has Spitfires and Lancasters, classic cars and hopefully one of those lovely rummage-y car bric-a-brac markets that often go hand in glove-compartment with these type of things.

I love bric-a-brac sales, especially when they are connected to classic cars. Have no idea why, possibly as I cannot drive (yet), so it is all a mystery. I think I love especially that 1920s - 40s time of driving, as I spend most of my time lingering over those gorgeous wicker picnic baskets that summed up driving back then - when you drive, you drive to a picnic spot.

I guess it is the romantic era of driving, way before the possibility of being stuck on the A406 (or equivalent motorway) reared its ugly head. And planes! I have never been to an air show, but I love classic planes - Spitfires, Lancasters, Stearmans - I cannot name anymore, as my knowledge woefully lags from here on in, but am looking forward to spending all Sunday going 'look - it's a plane! Woo, another plane!' to my pal, who is considerably more knowledgeable on planes and may be nice enough to tell me what is what, to save her eardrums.

See you next Monday, have a good weekend all.

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