Sunday, 5 August 2007

What do you listen to?

As tomorrow I will working at a music magazine, this is a question that has occupied my thoughts, as surely one of the first questions I will have to answer tomorrow will be ‘what do you listen to?’

I find this question a little hard to answer, at least in a coherent format. If only I listened to just one genre of music, then I could just state ‘hip hop’ and that would be the end of it. If I was that focused, then I could talk knowledgeably about Grandmaster Flash and Public Enemy, and I would have a specialist subject should I ever be asked to appear on Mastermind.

Sadly, instead I have been like a kid in a sweet shop, mixing up all the decades and genres in one big bag of musical pick ‘n’ mix. Julie London, Chas ‘n’ Dave, Beatles, Kinks, Chad Jackson, Prodigy, Sabbath, Metallica, Brian & Micheal, Edward Elgar, E.L.O… I must have the only ipod where ‘Pomp and Circumstance’ leads into ‘Sad but True’.

Friends wince at my music. They cannot understand how I can enjoy everything from Frank Sinatra to The Killers. We play ‘Name that Tune’ to my ipod, with bonus points for guessing the correct year. I am usually great in pub quizzes, all eyes swivelling my way as soon as any vague old band is mentioned. I am smug as the question ‘what is Paul McCartney’s real name' stumps the rest of the table. ‘Paul, of course,’ they will all say, as I shake my head in manner of wise old sage. Answer below…

But the problem with all these fabulous bands whirling around my brain is where do I start? What bands or musicians do I name? I don’t wish to pull out some Velvet Underground credibility, I am quite happy to say exactly what I am listening to, but who do I possibly pick? As whatever you say seems to shape who you are… Oh sod it, I’ll say how much I appreciate the lyrical dexterity of ‘The Sideboard Song’ and leave it as that.

Did I say I was cacking it about tomorrow? I am excited but…God. I haven’t done work experience since I was a teen. I am terrified I will be a) old, b) drop the tea tray and send scones all over the carpet and c) well, a mixture of a & b, really. Still, this is something that should be fun and generally I am a curious soul (some may say nosy), so am looking forward to seeing behind the scenes. It's just... I wish it was Friday already!

Wish me luck – I will try to post each day, but possibly won’t get a chance to catch up here until next weekend, so see you then…

Answer: Paul McCartney's real name is James. Now go forth and impress your friends!

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