Monday, 13 August 2007

Normal service has resumed…with bingo

Ah Mondays, glorious Mondays…now there is a thought I never had when commuting on the tube. In fact, I was more likely to be listening to Boomtown Rats ‘I Don’t Like Mondays’ and Madness’ ‘Tomorrow is Just Another Day’, which probably explains why I used to pop up like a mole in another part of town with a face that could scare small children.

Before we head back eagerly to children’s book month, can I just share with you that I am supposedly being a bingo caller for old folk this afternoon? It is part of this local newspaper idea I had a while back, and I arranged to spend time with a local elderly group at their weekly get-together. My idea was a gentle chat and to possibly make them some tea, I have no idea where ‘me as a bingo caller’ came into the equation, as I am actually quite shy despite all the weird situations my subconscious conspires to veer me into.

So, yet another week starts with me going ‘eek’. Altogether now, erm...‘two fat ladies’? Legs Eleven? Oh God help me… Actually, while I am waiting, this website might help in the meantime… although I really don’t think I can shout out ‘Fat lady and a little wee’ for 81, it might be a bit too close to home, and who would get 23 from ‘The Lord is my Shepherd’? Not to mention my grand afternoon starts with me waiting at a bus depot to be picked up by the charity van... I really doubt my sanity sometimes.

Children’s book month will kick off with the heavyweights tomorrow, until then eyes down for the next game…

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