Saturday, 16 February 2008

Chapter 17

What is it about Friday night/Saturday mornings? For some reason, they have turned into my most productive hours of the week, and if only I could keep my eyes open I think I could write the whole darn book by 6am.

Maybe it is because I feel guilty that I have come to the end of a week without finishing a chapter, so as there is more pressure I can go full speed ahead? Whatever it is, it works - tonight chapter 17 has leapt ahead in leaps and bounds - 16 pages, 6,170 words and no sign yet of quitting.

The only problem is I get tired, so think this spurt of energy will only last until 2, like it did last week. Perhaps next week I shall plan it better, get up late and then start writing from say 3 or 4 in the afternoon. It does seem to be the time I like best.

Long old chapter though, this number 17. I have been surfing youtube to find various things to put me into 1962 - music, old TV shows, pathe news segments - been stuck on listening to Chris Montez 'Let's Dance' for what feels like the last hour. Also I have had to find out a lot of things on motorbikes - the Triton, record racing, rockers, the Ace cafe - so it's been a fair amount of research as well tonight. Interesting stuff though - not sure if I would have been a mod or a rocker. Bands like The Rolling Stones, The Who (of course), The Kinks, The Small Faces - I like all of these and they are described as mods. The Beatles, as self-confessed by Ringo, were 'mockers'. Maybe I would have been the same, sat on the fence maybe - best vantage point, of course!

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