Friday, 15 February 2008

Happy Socks

Over the months sitting here tapping (or, more truthfully sitting here staring at Word thinking 'ummm...'), I have found out that what I wear seems to affect my productivity.

For example, it would be very easy to slob around in PJ’s or old tracksuits all day. The plus side is that it is much easier to sit and type in these sort of clothes, especially as my chair is a straight backed wooden old monstrosity so I constantly end up curled in some yoga-type position in a bid to get comfy. The down side is that I rather like my other half to fancy me, and I am not sure going the way of Waynetta Slob is the way to his heart. I also don’t seem to get much done, as perhaps my body still thinks it is relaxing and therefore why am I trying to get it to write stuff? It wants to eat chocolate and watch the telly.

I have tried the other end of the scale, getting dressed up as though I am on my way to work, in smart clothes. The plus side is that I feel like I am now in a ‘working day’, so my mind is more alert and open to the possibility of getting things done. The down side is that it is bloody uncomfy to sit at the computer all day in smart togs, when all that may see you is a passing magpie.

So middle ground it is – although I do like to dress a little in the style of the decade I am writing about. I have one of those wardrobes that let’s me get away with this – half functional, half last seen in my Nan’s wardrobe. So the 1940’s chapters were accompanied by blouses, the 1950’s a polka dot scarf made an appearance on at least two occasions, and now I am in the 1960’s and am mad for retro prints. I’ll get to the 1970’s and suddenly will feel the urge to wear polo necks and maxi dresses, you wait and see.

Oh – and happy socks. Does anyone else have these? (A resounding ‘no’ echoes throughout the weird wide web). I have favourite patterned socks that sort of seem to give me a boost when I wear them… (watches as everyone backs away in alarm.) I call them my happy socks - who needs expensive stuff? Let happiness be fuelled by £2.99 cotton stripes and polka dots! Hoorah!

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