Saturday, 9 February 2008

On a roll

It is official, my life is this novel. I have sat here since 9 Friday morning, tapping and singing and doodling and humming (I sound a delightful dinner companion, don’t I?) and now it is amazingly nearly 1.45am the next day and I am still here! Hmm, can you get deep vein thrombosis from sitting in the same position for too long? *runs to wiki*

Recent surgery? Nope
Advanced age? Nope
Obesity? Nope
Infection? Does insect bites from Cape Town count?
Immobilization? Yes! Although of course I can get up and move around… so not strictly speaking...
Female sex? Well what does wiki mean here, I wonder? Being female already makes me prone? Or are lesbians somehow more at risk? Confused…
Use of combined (estrogen-containing) forms of hormonal contraception? Hmm, worrying...
Tobacco usage? No, although J does smoke in the house, although I usually frown at him until he opens a window. I then shiver pathetically until he throws a blanket over me. When we first lived together he tucked it around me. Now he throws it at my head. I am beginning to think my beguiling ways are fading.
Air travel? Yes – well, recently. And it was squishy (sorry Ben, I know that is your pet’s name. I quite like it.)

Gosh, am surely on a danger list. Maybe I should get up and quickly throw a few shapes. Then get cramp.


There is method in my madness, as I have finished chapter 15 (drum roll), I have finished chapter 16 (second drum roll) and I have started chapter 17! Yes, round of applause please! The only slight down side is that this is shaping up to be a 20 chapter book, so I still have the same amount of chapters to go. Still, a wise music obsessive once said, 'it's always easier to change what you've got, but you can't change it if it's not there', so the trick is to keep plugging onwards!

Except I really might go to bed now instead. Suddenly have gone all sleepy... *checks wiki-list for sleepiness caused by deep veins having a party. Realises sleep is a usual occurance at nearly 2am. Calm is restored*

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