Sunday, 17 February 2008

The ‘three chapters left’ time warp

Yay! Just finished chapter 17 – what a monster it was! So now starts chapter 18, and according to the chapter plan I am jumping forward a few years to 1965. Or it might be more suitable for 1964, not sure yet. Still I am sort of leaning towards ’65 – as arguably my favourite Beatles album ‘Rubber Soul’ was released – flimsy reason though, as it was released in December and this chapter will be set in the summer, so it’s not even going to be mentioned! Ah, I don’t know – I’ll see how it goes tomorrow, it depends on how I picture the characters.

Looking at the chapter plan, I still seem to think there are three chapters left. I thought there were three chapters left back when I was on chapter 16. Maybe there is always going to be three chapters left? Maybe there is some odd ‘three-chapter’s to go’ time warp that I need to get over – it’s all very strange. Perhaps as well there is a fear of actually finishing – as then comes the time to actually go out there and try and do something with it. And what if people hate it! I’ll sob into my Asda value beans should that happen.

Anyone interested in how the budget is holding out, by the way? Before, I was paying myself a monthly wage from my savings to my current account, so there was a sort of balance, but the savings have gone now and the current account has tipped into the overdraft. I can support myself for about, well, perhaps the next two months rent. I don't expect J to support me, to be honest, neither of us can live where we are without two wages coming in. I might sell off a few old bits I have collected over the years - be a bit of a wrench, but you can always collect things again, right? (Looks at old annuals and sighs.) Ah well – if my old ‘tat’ as some might say (the culprit has a 'J' in his name) helps me to finish my dream, then it has a price more than gold to me. I guess I need to start looking up costs of things again, find out what the going rate is for a few of them. I’ll let you know if anything comes up trumps for me!

I guess I have gone philosophical about the budget now – I was a lot more angsty in January, but now realise that in a way, this was exactly where I planned to be all those months ago, so it shouldn’t come as a shock. Even though it did, a bit… I think when you have always been careful with money, to see yourself willingly sending it into thin air with nothing replacing it is a bit… well, scary and out of character! But I have been making in-roads with job enquiries, so hopefully it will all work out alright. And I have over 80,000 words written - definitely worth it!


musicobsessive said...

It's got to be 1964, one of the best years ever! The following paragragh is lifted from Chapt 3 of my effort (sorry to rub it in!):

'As it turned out, the following year, 1964, was to be a bumper year for great number one singles. The list included; ‘Glad All Over’ – The Dave Clark Five, ‘Needles and Pins’ – The Searchers, ‘Oh Pretty Woman’ – Roy Orbison, ‘Anyone Who Had a Heart’ – Cilla Black, ‘House of the Rising Sun’ – The Animals, ‘You Really Got Me’ – The Kinks, ‘Baby Love’ – Supremes, ‘It’s All Over Now’ – The Rolling Stones, plus four more Beatles singles. As an introduction to what was to become a lifelong obsession, you’d be hard pushed to beat it.'

What more can I say. '65 just doesn't feature!

Jayne Ferst said...

I am so going to buy your book when I finish this! Great songs listed there... Manfred Mann as well with 5-4-3-2-1 was in '64... hmm, undecided! I was thinking of
'65 as it makes a little more of a contrast to previous chapter '62, even if only a little bit. I guess I am thinking of the fashion's from The Beatles film 'Help!'.

Hmm, how can I stick up for '65?

Well, Ticket to Ride, King of the Road, The Clapping Song, Mr Tambourine Man, We've Got To Get Out Of This Place, Satisfaction, Hang On Sloopy (which I always thought was Hang On Snoopy when a kid), My Generation... I'm still a fan of '65. Although musically I think you are right, '64 had a lot more fun and energy in the charts than '65 in a way - dear Lord, I have just seen that Ken Dodd had a 4 week number one with 'Tears'. Do tell me that is not the same man with the teeth and tickle stick? Hmm, might choose '64 instead after all!