Monday, 18 February 2008

Tap, tap… long pause… silence.

This was the sound of me trying to start chapter 18 today. It is like I have developed an allergy to this chair, this computer, this room – every time I have sat down here, I have swiftly buggered off again to do something else. Yet back I come, drawn like an unhappy moth to a flame, to dejectedly do some tapping, stop for research and then boom – off I go for a flutter.

Not that I have anywhere to flutter to, apart from perhaps the kitchen. I put the kettle on far more times in a day than I actually drink anything. I opened cupboards, I pondered washing, I stared into the fridge. I watered the plants, I tidied the flat, I played some music, I sent some emails, I did yoga. I even put on the Paul McKenna cd in the hope that I’d get something done, and fell asleep mid-listen.

And now I have pinned myself here (been sitting here 30 minutes now, the temptation to get up and go make a annoyingly boring herbal tea is very strong), and have written 162 words. Not a very auspicious start!

Yet, as ever, I now feel more ready to push on – I am such a night owl with this. I will try and get on a bit more, if I can get at least to 1000 words then that is something, even if I do delete it all tomorrow. Just going to make a cuppa first though…………………….. *disappears*


Ben said...

One and a half chapters from the end. I intend to beat you to the finish line, if I wasn't similarly superprocrastinatable myself.

Jayne Ferst said...

Ooo - a challenge! Great - let's see if that works for both of us. One and a half chapters to go eh? You're doing really well - go you! I'd like to get over this odd 'there will always be 3 chapters left' feeling before I can picture the finish line - if you get there first can you have the foil coat and a Disaronno on the rocks waiting? I thank ye kindly.