Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Chapter 19…

…Has been seriously flying. As soon as I decided to draw a line under chapter 18, the words seemed to flow with ease. Maybe it’s because this chapter only has three characters in it, maybe it’s because there is less dialogue, but whatever the reason, last night I was on a serious roll, again writing until way past midnight. In fact, I actually finished the chapter, although I am spending from now until again probably midnight polishing the rough edges.

It is official, I do write better at night. I guessed this way back here, but have struggled against it every single day, trying to force creativity before 4pm. See, the thing is I feel guilty if I am still lying in bed when J gets up to go to work, I feel like some awful jobless Lady Muck, so I get up at the same time, and then try and start work at 9 like the rest of the world. Only nothing happens, pretty much, even though I sit at the computer trying to type until about 4.30pm, when it all suddenly unlocks. I then work all the way up to midnight or past, until I have to stop as am knackered. Yet the next day I get up early again, to appease the guilt, and the same pattern continues. It is wearing me out to be honest, as I get eye strain from staring at the computer, and there is absolutely no reason to be sat here if I am not writing. I could be all guilt-free and happy, and then start the day at 4.30pm.

I think the guilt stuff is because this is a first book and I have no idea what, if anything, will happen with it. If this was a second book, or I had an agent/publisher, then I would relax about it and choose a different rhythm of working, and my day would be 4.30 - midnight and all would be well. I am definitely a night owl on this.

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