Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Overheard in... Boots

The scene: standing in a queue at lunchtime waiting for a free till. In front of me is a rather rotund bloke with crew cut hair, and his thin, glasses wearing mate (presume colleague). Behind me is a lady in her late sixties with a man of similar age (presume husband).

Conversation in front:

Fat bloke: I mean, how many of us actually, actually (waves hand around) actually learn anything anymore? I felt like my mind was being expanded. I mean, who types up subnet in their spare time? They must be a freak! (said rather pointedly).

Colleague: (chuckles sheepishly) Yeah.


Fat bloke: So if you want to come around anytime and look at the program?

Colleague: Oh yeah! (enthusiastic).

Conversation behind:

Wife: Oh look at what they’ve got here, this is all to help old people, look at that! A long sponge on a stick!

Husband: Oh yeah (manfully dredges interest).

Wife: (keen, leaning forward) And look at those, that’s what Edna uses to get her stockings on. Look!

Husband: Yeah. Right. (obviously got a mental picture of Edna, isn’t happy with it).

Wife: And they’ve got… (pause). Well, we’ve got that, that must be in the wrong section. Look – a jam jar opener!

Husband: Hmm.

Wife: They haven’t got a tin opener though, our tin opener is very good.

Husband: (thoughtfully) Opens tins.

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