Wednesday, 27 February 2008

The Ladybirds Are Coming

Those of you that have read this might recall my dilemma, that being I have a nest of ladybirds snug in a little-used window frame in the living room. The way the window is built means the hinges are at the top and the window opens outwards, and as I don’t open it, the ladybirds have nested on the hinges, as there is a small gap above that gives them access to the living room. I hope that explains it, they are rather odd windows – sort of like a big arch. Anyway, throughout the cold months, apart from that unfortunate day when I tried to open the window and legions of ladybirds plummeted to their deaths (yes, I still feel the guilt), I haven’t touched it, and they have once again gathered and slept easy. I think there are thousands in there, and all just waiting for the warmer weather…

Tonight at dinner I noticed seven ladybirds lazily crawling around the window frame. Then I saw one on a spare chair, flexing its wings. Then one landed a little too close and I flicked it with the cloth placemat, its fate unknown (I’m not a Saint, ok?). I now look at the closed window and wonder… what on earth do I do when they all wake up? Passing back through the living room I noticed a ladybird making itself comfy on my settee, presumably about to make free with the remote control. I mean – what do I do here? And what if they remember I was the inadvertent ladybird killer of 2007?

I think I am going to have to start shutting the bedroom door. Just in case. That, and hope for snow.

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