Friday, 18 July 2008

A Year Old!

I distinctly remember telling myself earlier this week that I absolutely had to make a post Thursday… hence here we are, rather late on a Friday. But the wine has been poured – for my blog is a whole year (and a day) old! Cheers!

And here is the very first post, if anyone needs a refresher. Ah, back in the days when the flat was ‘our new flat’, and not the ‘very draughty, swallows electricity and burps out bills’ flat. Still it has been inspirational – and I have done what I set out to do a year ago, the novel is finished. I haven’t sent it anywhere yet, still polishing the synopsis and doing my agent research, but it’s almost ready to go. It’s like the pause for the final cigarette break before going over the top… that is what it feels like! But no matter what, I have a story I am very happy with, and that is the main thing.

It really does feel like this bit has come to an end now, as I start working full time at a lovely company on Monday. It is Job B, folks – and I have to say they romped home to a diamond finish this week – you couldn’t have wished for better pre-employee care, put it that way. It certainly put all my fears to bed – and perhaps the majority of those were really fuelled by the thought of leaving my little room to go into the big wide world again, to be honest. I think it’s quite easy to become a little agoraphobic working by yourself at home, and I do tend to get a bit like that. But I think (with me) a big amplifier of these feelings was the doubt about what I was doing… giving up work to write a novel? Literally spending all my life savings supporting myself? Was I insane? It’s hard to justify yourself when part of you wonders at the logic… still, I’d do it again.

Stages to writing a novel

I had been saving money to buy a flat, so did a year of living back with my mum in order to save as much as I could. I also worked full time (plus odd weekends), hardly bought anything, told everyone my clothes were ‘retro’ and ‘vintage’ when in fact they were just ‘old’. Then as it turned out I didn't buy a flat, but rented somewhere, and started this crazy notion instead.

Work out a budget from your savings, and then spend time blowing it on Argos home delivery, and blackberries.

Spend a while wondering what on earth you are doing, and where to start.

As no matter how much you do, you could always do more...

Get cracking!
Sooner or later you have to start writing, and after a while you discover that your muse is a contrary beast that only stirs late at night , or for chocolate.

Get stuck!
Writer's block? Stalled? Oh dearie me...

Inherit odd pets!
I mean, who ends up with a nest of ladybirds?

Go stir-crazy!
Sings: I like the printer, it prints for me - God made the printer and God made me...

The end is nigh!
Budget or novel, budget or novel ...

Can it be true? My word, I think it is!

Quick - get a job!
And sing that song by the Silhouettes: Get a job, sha-na-na-na...

And there you have it folks - what to do in one year! Shall we do it again?


musicobsessive said...

Wow! Congrats!

Yours must have been one of the first blogs I stumbled on and started reading regularly, very soon after I started mine.

Great stuff - and has kept entertained for a whole year!

Here's to the next year.

Jayne said...

Thank you! Yes, yours was the first comment I received, and it was so encouraging that here I still am!

And yes, here's to the next year, for both our blogs!